IT Training and Placement Programs - Shaping Your Career Success

Often employers get hesitant and reluctant in hiring international students because of the “liabilities” that come with it such as, visa issues, cultural differences, and change in immigration laws, sponsorship issues, etc. International students also find it difficult to adjust without any proper training and guidance program that will help them in kick starting their career.

With, we offer you a complete career package by proving training and placement programs that will pave the way for you. We also provide internships to F1 visa holders under OPT /CPT, H1B, GC, that give an edge to students’ resumes as they seek for mainstream Optional Practical Training jobs.

We also provide opportunities to highly qualified individuals who want to follow a career path that leads to the IT industry. We provide specialized training and project placement training to students who are on F1 OPT, CPT, or STEM status. This program provides a lucrative career in the field of IT and also gives them the soft skills required to build a solid and successful career in the field of Information Technology. They also help the students to get interview ready. Our online trainers provide expert guidance in their respective areas and provide the right career advice to students. The fact that many OPT, CPT and H-1B employers associated with us makes it easier for the students in choosing the right employer. The students also get the opportunity to get trained with our online trainers.


Benefits of Choosing our Training and Placement Program: